While we would all like to think that the world around us is a fairly clean place, in reality, it is anything but. Pressure washing and grounds maintenance for retail and commercial buildings is a great way to keep pollution, mold, garbage, debris, dust, and dirt from turning your retail building into a dingy-looking shadow of itself.

The Pressure Washing Advantage

Power washing or pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to keep your business looking fresh, clean, and welcoming to your existing customer base and new clients as well. Using pressure and environmentally friendly or “green” cleaning solutions is a safe way to clean the exterior of your retail store.

In many studies research has shown that people tend to make a decision in thirty seconds or less about how they feel about a subject. This goes for how they view new people as well as how they determine value, make an appraisal and even decide if they want to do business. This is the basic concept of the bestseller, “Blink” written by Malcolm Gladwell.

Having a well-maintained exterior of your building not only creates a positive mental impression of the business itself, but also of your brand. When your brand is seen in a desirable and positive light consumers are more likely to buy.

Grounds Maintenance

Small aspects of your business can either speak of professionalism or give an impression of a lack of caring and concern. This starts from the curb appeal of your business, which can include the cleanliness of the parking areas and spaces, to the care and attention of your lawn and landscaping.

These little details do make a lot of difference to customers that have literally hundreds of places to stop and shop either in person or online. To keep your customers impressed and seeing your business as the one they want to shop with is of vital importance.