Making the decision as a commercial property owner or leaser on hiring a facilities maintenance provider is not always top on your priority list of things to do. However, by choosing a top facilities maintenance company you will find that you actually save yourself both time and money in the short and long term. This is because a top-notched facilities management and maintenance company can do literally all the scheduled and emergency maintenance tasks, preventing you from having to scramble to try to find a contractor or business to do the work.

When selecting commercial maintenance services there are four basic questions to keep in mind. By focusing on how the company you are considering addresses these issues you can rest assured that you will be working with professional people that will provide you with outstanding service.

1. What insurance does the building maintenance company have?

As a commercial property owner, you are keenly aware of the importance of insurance. Always ask the company, regardless if they are offering simple garden maintenance or complete commercial cleaning services, what their public liability insurance is, and if they offer full Worker’s Compensation insurance. The best commercial cleaning and building maintenance companies have full insurance for their employees and on their liability while working on your property.

At Broad Services we have Public Liability insurance of $20,000,000 as well as offer full Worker’s Compensation insurance for your peace of mind.

2. How does the company monitor and manage sub-contracted property management services?

To offer comprehensive services in a timely and efficient manner large property maintenance companies sub-contract for some of the specialty services they offer. This is an effective and cost-saving way to do business and allows you, as the property owner, to work with just one trusted facility maintenance professional.

Great companies will routinely screen, audit, inspect and often directly supervise work by sub-contractors to ensure quality control and outstanding service.

3. What services are offered and are they available 24/7?

Many commercial property management services only offer maintenance and cleaning services during standard business hours or, in the case of office cleaning, at scheduled after hours. At Broad Services we realise that our clients may need our services for responsive or emergency services at any time. We provide 24/7 services for established clients and, through the use of technology, we can video call and conference, transfer information instantly via email, and retrieve all relevant information about your building and our services to you using cloud technology.

4. How experienced are the technicians and workers that will be completing your facilities maintenance services?

All our workers are fully trained in the services that they provide, and this extends to any service or trade company that we sub-contract. With an emphasis on safety and communication, our technicians are simply the best available.

The small amount of time that it takes to ask these questions of any commercial property management services you are considering is time well spent. Choosing the right service will ensure that your building is well-maintained, in excellent condition and always looking its best.