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pressure washing maintenance

A property manager’s guide to pressure washing.

Most property owners and property managers consider pressure washing as a last resort. No matter the type of property you manage or own, you can benefit from the services of a pressure washing company. If you are looking for a way to improve your property while minimising repairs, look no further than pressure washing.  

Top 3 Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance

Top 3 Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you manage a business or a commercial rental property, you know how important commercial property maintenance is. However, the biggest hurdle is keeping up with the maintenance tasks that keep cropping up all through the year.

Autumn Garden Maintenance

Autumn Garden Maintenance Checklist.

While most businesses consider spring as the season for cleaning and garden maintenance, autumn is an equally important time. Often regarded as a leisurely period, autumn is especially hectic for property owners and businesses that manage a garden or lawn. While most businesses consider spring as the season for cleaning and garden maintenance, autumn is an equally important time. Often regarded as a leisurely period, autumn is especially hectic for property owners and businesses that manage a garden or lawn. 

The importance of maintaining your retail space

The importance of maintaining your retail space.

Although it may be a no-brainer, your store’s physical appearance (things like the condition of your floor, walls, car park and outdoor area) has a great impact on how your customers perceive your brand. 

And yet, many retail stores ignore the upkeep of their property. That’s a huge mistake. How your property looks has a great impact on your brand image and sales. 

Why Your Property Needs Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Why your property needs commercial grounds maintenance.

Whether you have a shop front that needs some pruning or you would like to create a pleasing atmosphere for shoppers entering your store, we can help. Our professional team can create and maintain clean, beautiful green spaces to welcome your customers. 

By hiring our Broad Services grounds maintenance team to care for your commercial landscape, you can rest easy, focusing your time and efforts on your business. Let us do the worrying about how your outdoor area looks. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help maintain your outdoor space or to request a free quote.

Scheduled facility maintenance is an investment in your business.

Using one company for all your services also allows you to have a comprehensive schedule that doesn’t miss any important services. While you could hire an outdoor maintenance service and an indoor commercial cleaning company, there will be areas that are missed as one service assumes the other has it covered. As the property owner, this is an oversight that may end up costing you a lot of money.

Scheduling property meaning with us also allows you to budget for all your commercial cleaning, painting, and facility maintenance. We offer a full range of scheduled indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning services, Melbourne and surrounding areas, and we are always willing to work with you to make your property the best and most appealing it can possibly be.

Seasonal Grounds Maintenance.

In the state of Victoria, and more specifically in Melbourne, we are fortunate to have fairly mild weather throughout most seasons, with, of course, the occasional cold front and heavy seasonal storms. The heat in the summer can also be a challenge, but, with careful selection of your landscaping plants and style, you can have beautiful grounds year-round.

Caring for your commercial property landscaping and grounds is a year-round activity in the city and in the surrounding areas. Working with a grounds maintenance schedule that provides the best care for your plants, shrubs, trees and lawn will make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your property. A well-maintained property definitely makes a positive statement and allows you to take full advantage of optimising the earning potential of your building and property.

What consumers say about building maintenance will amaze you.

When you think of grounds maintenance or painting you are probably, as a retail store manager or owner, thinking of tasks and projects that you can put off until they absolutely have to be done. However, research in the last few years is now clearly showing that the visual appeal of your retail store, strictly from the exterior, is a huge factor in getting customers through the door.

In a study completed by Morpace Omnibus, an international group that publishes consumer and industry trends, customers had some very definite opinions about how they wanted a retail store to look before they would consider doing business in the store.

Programmed maintenance – thought about it?

If you stop and take a look at the exterior of your commercial building from a first-time customer’s eyes, do you see a business that has a focus on property maintenance and appearance or a company that doesn’t seem to care? Research conducted over the last 20 years or more indicates that consumers do evaluate a business by its exterior as well as interior appearance.

In a summary of several studies published in Advances in Consumer Research in 2001 researchers tracked the trends over years of different studies about consumer likes and dislikes. What the researchers found supports the practice of programmed maintenance. It is a low-cost investment that will have a dramatic impact on how customers view your business, your products, and their willingness to spend money in your store.

Have you seen your business lately?

As humans we have an amazing ability to see the smallest detail in something that is new, interesting, or captures our attention, yet, once familiar, we may be unable to see what is actually before us. In retail settings, managers and owners may routinely walk into their business and not see some of the most obvious ‘turn-offs’ to customers.

Pressure washing of the exterior of your store that also includes routine window washing is critical to attracting new business. In a study published in Marketing Intelligence & Planning in 2001, it was found that there were six different dimensions of consumer behavior. One of the six was the physical appearance of the store, which as equal in standing in the research with policy in the mind of the customer. These two of the six dimensions had the biggest impact on how customers viewed their overall service quality and if they would return to the store to shop again.

If walls could talk.

Well, they do!  You may not be able to hear them but the condition of your walls and wider building appearance sends a clear message to your customers, even if unintended.

According to market research firm Morpace’s latest Omnibus survey, 95% of consumers reporting that exterior appearance is important in selecting a store to shop.

Why preventative maintenance matters.

There are a lot of different reasons that it is important to keep up with preventative maintenance to your building – particularly preventative maintenance. For starters, doing routine maintenance checks can help you determine if there are any aspects of your building that are unsafe. Anything from faulty wiring to loose door hinges can affect the safety of both your employees and customers. It is particularly important to keep up with the infrastructure components of your building, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and gas fittings.

Building maintenance is also important to keep up with the aesthetic appeal of your building. This is especially crucial if your business is located in an area with a harsh climate or extreme weather conditions. For example, strong sunlight can cause paint to crack and peel, while heavy rains and strong winds could cause roof shingles to come loose.

4 essential questions to consider when selecting a facilities maintenance provider.

Making the decision as a commercial property owner or leaser on hiring a facilities maintenance provider is not always top on your priority list of things to do. However, by choosing a top facilities maintenance company you will find that you actually save yourself both time and money in the short and long term. This is because a top-notched facilities management and maintenance company can do literally all the scheduled and emergency maintenance tasks, preventing you from having to scramble to try to find a contractor or business to do the work.

When selecting commercial maintenance services there are four basic questions to keep in mind. By focusing on how the company you are considering addresses these issues you can rest assured that you will be working with professional people that will provide you with outstanding service.

High-pressure cleaning for property improvement Melbourne.

High-pressure cleaning is a simple, effective, and efficient property improvement option to clean up any type of commercial building, property, or car park in Melbourne. Pressure cleaning does more than just get rid of dust, grime, and pollution from the exterior walls of your building; in fact, it can actually increase your earning potential by improving the appearance of your building.

Mould, besides being unsightly, is also a health issue for anyone with respiratory illnesses or sensitivity. Mould can be one of several different types of fungi that are found in moist, damp, and humid areas of the world, which certainly fits the description of various seasonal weather patterns here in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

The importance of building maintenance.

A commercial property is more than just a structure and a piece of real estate – it is a financial investment that has the power to continue to bring in income for years. The amount of income a commercial property has the potential to generate is determined by a number of factors including the type of building, the location of the building, and the overall condition and appearance of the structure. While you cannot always control where the building is located, or the actual design of the building, you certainly have the ability to control the condition and appearance.

Routine building maintenance that is provided by a professional and experienced facility maintenance provider is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your valuable investment and lock in its earning potential for years to come. Routine commercial cleaning and maintenance on the exterior and the interior is more than just about aesthetics – it is about ensuring that your commercial property is well-maintained and free from damage, costly problems, and the need for constant repairs.

Graffiti is not art but it does have a cost.

Any urban center in Australia from Melbourne to Darwin and Perth to Brisbane has a problem with graffiti. This is true for all the smaller cities and towns in between, just as it is a weighty factor in urban and rural areas around the world. Graffiti, also known in some areas as “tagging”, is a real blight on a neighborhood and can signal a downward economic spiral in the area.

in the state removing graffiti from public buildings and areas. Within the entire country, Australians foot the estimated $1.58 billion dollars annual cost for graffiti removal for reported offenses, and this number does not include private and business sector removal costs.

Go on… give your tired-looking building some love!

It is surprising how a few simple upgrades to the exterior of a building and the surrounding area can entirely change the look of a property. Commercial property, just like a home or apartment, can begin to look tired, run down, and worn when paint peels or fades, gardens are overgrown or the car park area is dirty and littered with rubbish.

Most commercial property owners and tenants don’t realize that the exterior condition of the building and grounds can be fully upgraded and revitalized in as little as just a week. They assume that this is a lengthy, complicated and expensive process when, in fact, it can often be just the opposite.

Increasing the value of your commercial property with routine maintenance.

Many property owners focus only on the latter issue and struggle with ways to keep the costs of facility maintenance and management as low as possible. This can include skipping routine building maintenance programs or, sometimes even worse, using random local handyman services or doing things on your own, just to patch up the problem.

Many property owners focus only on the latter issue and struggle with ways to keep the costs of commercial property maintenance and management as low as possible. This can include skipping routine building maintenance programs or, sometimes even worse, using random local handyman services or doing things on your own, just to patch up the problem.

The result is a building that, over time, begins to look run down, tired, and poorly maintained. What many commercial property owners fail to see is that the appearance of their building, through their cost-cutting efforts, is now impacting their ability to earn income from the facility. Maintenance problems, or lack of routine maintenance, are actually decreasing the value of their building. This occurs in two ways – by reducing the ability to generate income and costing more for emergency repairs that are poorly completed.

Maintenance tips for retail site enhancement.

While we would all like to think that the world around us is a fairly clean place, in reality, it is anything but. Pressure washing and grounds maintenance for retail and commercial buildings is a great way to keep pollution, mold, garbage, debris, dust, and dirt from turning your retail building into a dingy-looking shadow of itself.

Power washing or pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to keep your business looking fresh, clean, and welcoming to your existing customer base and new clients as well. Using pressure and environmentally friendly or “green” cleaning solutions is a safe way to clean the exterior of your retail store.