While most businesses consider spring as the season for cleaning and garden maintenance, autumn is an equally important time. Often regarded as a leisurely period, autumn is especially hectic for property owners and businesses that manage a garden or lawn. 

Here is a quick checklist of things to stay on top of for autumn garden maintenance: 

Clean Up the Lawn

  • Remove dead annual plants, leaves, and wood, which can become matted and suffocate the lawn if left unchecked.
  • Get rid of the weeds from the root. Weeds are at their most harmful and aggressive in spring. Removing them in autumn will give you ample head start. 
  • Tidy the garden’s edges. Get rid of branches, plants, or stalks that must be removed. Also, pay attention to trees that need pruning.
  • Rake the leaves.
  • Clean up the pond.

Mow the Lawn

Give your garden or lawn a final finishing touch before the winter arrives in all its might. 

Check the Lawn’s pH Level

It’s important to ensure the pH level is in a healthy range. The right pH ensures the grass will be more vibrant in colour and protected from diseases. If the pH level goes below 5.5, apply powdered limestone or chalk.  

Fertilise Your Garden

Fertilisers are healthy food for your garden. Be sure to spread some quality compost and fertiliser around your lawn to keep them well-nourished in the spring when the winter frost thaws. Applying fertiliser will also keep weeds in check. 

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No matter the season, keeping the outdoor area of your commercial property is important. It helps improve your commercial property’s visual appeal whilst creating a good first impression on visitors and customers.

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