It is surprising how a few simple upgrades to the exterior of a building and the surrounding area can entirely change the look of a property. Commercial property, just like a home or apartment, can begin to look tired, run down and worn when paint peels or fades, gardens are overgrown or the car park area is dirty and littered with rubbish.

Most commercial property owners and tenants don’t realize that the exterior condition of the building and grounds can be fully upgraded and revitalized in as little as just a week. They assume that this is a lengthy, complicated and expensive process when, in fact, it can often be just the opposite.

To give your property a complete makeover and go from boring and tired looking to eye-catching and clean will take different services depending on the building and grounds. In most cases, commercial property that has been neglected or poorly maintained will benefit significantly from:

1.   Garden and grounds work

This includes trimming trees, shrubs, and bushes, cutting the grass, edging around paths, mulching, and weeding. Once this is completed, regular garden and grounds maintenance can be set up on a schedule that is done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the season and the specifics of the grounds.  Pressure washing pavements and walkways around the building can also enhance the appearance of the grounds.

Fences, gates, and retaining walls or edging can also be repaired, replaced, or painted to look like new. The rubbish will be removed from all areas of the grounds, including litter that has blown up against fences, landscaped areas, and around the building itself.

2.   External building wash

High pressure cleaning and washing of the exterior of the building can remove years of dust, dirt, and debris. Pressure washing is beneficial as you may find that, with a wash, you don’t need to consider re-painting the exterior. You may also find that the paint, after years of exposure to the elements, has clearly faded, chipped, and is peeling away. The high-pressure cleaning will remove peeling paint and help to prepare the surface for painting.

At the same time, graffiti removal, gutter cleaning, and exterior window cleaning are also completed. This alone can make a tremendous difference in the overall building appearance.

3.   Painting and building repairs

Prior to painting, small or large repairs to the exterior of the building can be completed. This may include replacing damaged areas of flashing, plaster, or even concrete.

Commercial painters can provide the necessary equipment, access equipment, and materials to complete small to extremely large projects. They can also provide helpful information on the correct type and colour of paint to choose for your specific building exterior.

Re-applying line-markings within car parks is another simple technique to make the entire grounds and building look new and entirely updated. Small little details like this can make a big difference in the overall impression.

In just one week, your existing property can look as it did years ago. Once it is in top condition regular, scheduled property maintenance can help it stay in top shape and in excellent condition.