Any urban center in Australia from Melbourne to Darwin and Perth to Brisbane has a problem with graffiti. This is true for all the smaller cities and towns in between, just as it is a weighty factor in urban and rural areas around the world. Graffiti, also known in some areas as “tagging”, is a real blight on a neighborhood and can signal a downward economic spiral in the area.

The Cost

According to the Western Australia State Graffiti Task Force, there is in excess of $30 million dollars spent per year in the state removing graffiti from public buildings and areas. Within the entire country, Australians foot the estimated $1.58 billion dollar annual cost for graffiti removal for reported offenses, and this number does not include private and business sector removal costs.

Removing graffiti is a complex process as it is important to identify the surface type, the paint or substance used to create the graffiti, and the correct method to effectively restore the surface. Our commercial maintenance service professionals are highly experienced in dealing with this type of vandalism quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Types of Graffiti

Different types of graffiti have emerged and can now be classified and identified. The most common types found on public and private buildings and property fall into three groups that include tagger, gang-related and political graffiti. All three are typically done using spray paint or large markers and can include symbols, colours and designs that are unique to the person or people engaging in the vandalism.

Desk graffiti, which is more like posting of comments, is increasingly evident in areas where people gather such as bus stops, community parks and public restrooms. Urban art, which is typically more involved in design and complexity, is much less common and often considered to be less offensive and problematic.

The Importance of Immediate Graffiti Removal

While you may not be able to prevent graffiti on your commercial building and property, you do have the option to have it removed as quickly as possible if it does appear. Research into the effects of graffiti is clear, when graffiti is allowed to stay on buildings and property the community as a whole has a decrease in perceptions of safety, security and quality of life within that community.

Unfortunately, for commercial property owners and tenants, graffiti has several significant costs. In a study completed by the Australian Institute of Criminology, it was found that the public associates the presence of graffiti with:

  • Unsafe locations
  • Social unrest and disorder
  • Decreased business viability and decreased investment possibilities
  • Increased criminal activity of all types
  • Gang activities and presence
  • Property destruction and vandalism

The good news is that most graffiti can be quickly removed, leaving your commercial property in top shape. Broad Services offers responsive maintenance services that can remove graffiti from your commercial property within 24 hours, literally avoiding most of the potential damage that graffiti can cause.