As humans we have an amazing ability to see the smallest detail in something that is new, interesting, or captures our attention, yet, once familiar, we may be unable to see what is actually before us. In retail settings, managers and owners may routinely walk into their business and not see some of the most obvious ‘turn-offs’ to customers.

Windows are the Invitation

Pressure washing of the exterior of your store that also includes routine window washing is critical to attracting new business. In a study published in Marketing Intelligence & Planning in 2001, it was found that there were six different dimensions of consumer behavior. One of the six was the physical appearance of the store, which as equal in standing in the research with policy in the mind of the customer. These two of the six dimensions had the biggest impact on how customers viewed their overall service quality and if they would return to the store to shop again.

Clean windows and store exteriors, as well as well-designed and well maintained interior areas including fitting rooms, display areas, general store layout, and decor, were all factors in the physical appearance category.

Customer Perception of Retail Stores

In a phone survey conducted by Harris Interactive in December of 2010, of the 100 clients participating in the research study 99% said that being in a store that is not clean negatively impacts their perception of the store. This study broke down the specific issues that customers reported as the top ten problematic issues and they include issues such as dirty restrooms, bad odours, dirty floors, dirty shopping trolleys and baskets, spills and stains, wet floors, dusty surfaces and dirty glass and windows.

What Do You See?

Often when we work in the same environment day after day we are unable to see the potential issues. Having a fresh set of eyes, in the form of a professional and reputable facilities maintenance company, come in and assess your retail environment will be a real eye opener for most managers.