High-pressure cleaning is a simple, effective and efficient property improvement option to clean up any type of commercial building, property or car park in Melbourne. Pressure cleaning does more than just get rid of dust, grime and pollution from the exterior walls of your building; in fact, it can actually increase your earning potential by improving the appearance of your building.

Removing Mould

Mould, besides being unsightly, is also a health issue for anyone with respiratory illnesses or sensitivity. Mould can be one of several different types of fungi that are found in moist, damp and humid areas of the world, which certainly fits the description of various seasonal weather patterns here in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Mould should be removed from the exterior of the building, as well as the interior, as soon as it is noted. Mould is often seen on the exterior of buildings as black, brown or dark-coloured stains on grout or exterior wall areas. It will be most concentrated where the surface is moist and out of direct sunlight.

Mould can be removed with commercial mould removal chemicals or it can often be very safely removed with pressure cleaning with water or in conjunction with appropriate surface chemicals. Environmentally friendly mould removal products are also available that can be used with pressure washing equipment to flush out and off any mould or mould spores.

Dust, Grease, Grime and Pollution

Over time, the dust, grease, pollution and smog in the air eventually settles on objects and collects. The walls, ledges, gutters, windows and roof areas of your building are perfect locations for this layer of nasty material to collect. As it is naturally greasy or sticky, it actually begins to collect more and more dirt and pollutants, creating a dull, filmy look over the entire building.

Pressure cleaning the commercial building, completing routine window cleaning both inside and outside, and cleaning all the gutters and roofs will help keep your building from looking old, dirty and uncared for.

High-pressure cleaning can also be used to remove graffiti from the outside of a building. Often high-pressure cleaning within a short time of the graffiti being applied will completely remove the unsightly marks; a great alternative to having to repaint.

Parking Areas and Walkways

Chewing gum, rubbish, grease, oil, fluids and dirt naturally collect in areas where people walk or where vehicles are parked. Removing these substances using high-pressure cleaning is a very effective and efficient way to maintain your building’s car park and walkways on a routine basis.

High-pressure cleaning as part of routine property maintenance services is a very cost-effective and efficient way to keep your building looking fresh, new and well maintained. Pressure cleaning using commercial equipment can provide amazing results and, in comparison to repainting or resurfacing, it is a very low-cost building