As a commercial property owner, your goal is to maximize your income while limiting your expenses. However, cutting corners when it comes to property and facility maintenance is not an effective way to cut costs and, in fact, it will end up costing you money in the long term.

Routine and preventative maintenance on a building is a proactive investment in your commercial property viability and appeal. If your building looks run down, poorly maintained, or just dirty and outdated your income will decrease since new businesses are not likely to see the property as a good option for their investment.

Reduce Emergency Repairs

Parts of a commercial building, just like parts of a car, last longer and perform better when they are routinely maintained. For some services such as window cleaning, pressure washing, commercial painting and gutter cleaning you may only need to schedule these services on a quarterly basis or even less frequently. During the cleaning any areas of damage, rot or leaks can be noted and reported, allowing you to have them repaired before they become major problems and cause much more expensive problems.

Reduce Overall Costs For All Services

Using a single company to provide all your commercial maintenance services is another way to save money. At Broad Services we can literally do it all from trimming the hedges and completing grounds and garden maintenance to carrying out your high pressure cleaning, office cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

The more routine and preventative property maintenance services you use the higher your potential for maintaining the long term appeal and viability of your commercial property. Again, going back to the example of your car, if you follow all routine maintenance your vehicle is going to be much more roadworthy than if you routinely change the oil but never tune-up the engine.

Using one company for all your services also allows you to have a comprehensive schedule that doesn’t miss any important services. While you could hire an outdoor maintenance service and an indoor commercial cleaning company, there will be areas that are missed as one service assumes the other has it covered. As the property owner this is an oversight that may end up costing you a lot of money.

Scheduling property meaning with us also allows you to budget for all your commercial cleaning, painting and facility maintenance. We offer a full range of scheduled indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning services, Melbourne and surrounding areas, and we are always willing to work with you to make your property the best and most appealing it can possibly be.