In the state of Victoria, and more specifically in Melbourne, we are fortunate to have fairly mild weather throughout most seasons, with, of course, the occasional cold front and heavy seasonal storms. The heat in the summer can also be a challenge, but, with careful selection of your landscaping plants and style, you can have beautiful grounds year-round.

Caring for your commercial property landscaping and grounds is a year-round activity in the city and in the surrounding areas. Working with a grounds maintenance schedule that provides the best care for your plants, shrubs, trees, and lawn will make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your property. A well-maintained property definitely makes a positive statement and allows you to take full advantage of optimising the earning potential of your building and property.


During the winter growth of all plants, grasses, trees, and shrubs is minimal, but this is the ideal time to complete pruning, weeding, and general clean-up of flower beds, lawns and to clean around walkways and the car park area.  Trees, particularly decorative and fruit trees, can be pruned with the pruning shears and shaped so they will be beautiful in the spring and summer.


After the colder days of winter plants, trees and lawns begin to grow rapidly. This often brings on a heavy growth of weeds that need to be removed before they impact your decorative plant growth and have a chance to spread seeds. Early weeding and garden maintenance can help to decrease problems with weeds and invasive plants before you have to treat using chemicals or more expensive control options.

Spring is also the time to plant annuals and replace perennials that may not have made it through the winter. Planting early allows the perennials to establish a strong root system that will increase their hardiness for years to come. Tilling and mulching is recommended to help to fortify the soil as well as limit weed growth and help to retain moisture during the hot summer season.


Summer is the most intensive period of growth for lawns, ornamental plants, trees and bushes. Keeping your garden and grass in top shape takes routine maintenance, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Garden maintenance also includes removing flowers past their prime, weeding and keeping edges of walkways free from overgrowth. Summer is also the time for pest and insect control in your gardens and landscaped areas.


While plant and weed growth definitely slows down as the weather cools off, there is still the important task of preparing plants, trees, lawns and gardens for the winter season. Additional mulch, removing annuals as they die, and also ensuring that all plants are healthy for winter is a great way to increase the life of all your plants and landscaping.

Removing dead leaves, raking and edging lawns and a final tilling of gardens will keep your commercial property looking in top shape during the colder months to come.