Although it may be a no-brainer, your store’s physical appearance (things like the condition of your floor, walls, car park and outdoor area) has a great impact on how your customers perceive your brand. 

And yet, many retail stores ignore the upkeep of their property. That’s a huge mistake. How your property looks has a great impact on your brand image and sales. 

Studies after studies have shown that customers visiting poorly-maintained retail environments are likely to feel disappointed, leaving the store, never to come back. As a result, retail stores lose a good chunk of sales whilst dealing with a tarnished brand image. 

In the same way, the cleanliness of a retail store has a direct impact on how happy customers leave. According to a recent study, 95% of shoppers feel that things such as stained floors, dirty fitting rooms, and other aspects affected their shopping decisions. 

Although maintenance contracts have been a common part of many industries, the retail industry has slowly caught on to this idea and many retail businesses are recognising the benefits of maintenance contracts. 

The maintenance team at Broad Services Australia is here to keep your retail environment clean and tidy at all times, helping you to meet your customers’ expectations whilst providing a pleasing atmosphere and a congenial environment that can boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

Hire the Professionals for the Best Results

By hiring maintenance specialists, you benefit from their expertise in the retail industry. You are also assured of high-quality work and excellent efficiency, which will lead to cost savings, leaving you to focus on the core aspects of your business without a worry. 

Broad Services Australia can create a customised maintenance program to suit your retail environment. Our trained team offers professional property maintenance services without disrupting your operations. Talk to us today for a quote!