It takes a lot of work to run a parking lot. The business is lucrative, but it’s expensive and cumbersome to run. Car parks are designed to hold thousands of tons of weight, so they have to be constantly monitored, tested, and improved.

Maintenance, however, isn’t something you can compromise on. The liability can be huge, plus it’s dangerous for hundreds of people. You can reduce maintenance costs for your car park building by following these tips. 

Put rubber on walls, columns, and corners

There are three places in a car park that are very prone to getting damaged: corners, columns, and walls. It’s expensive to put up steel crash barriers. You should instead use rubber corner guards and crash rails to protect these surfaces. Rubber is shock-absorbing, durable, flexible, and lasts a long time. Furthermore, they can be installed directly on steel, concrete, or masonry.

Protect your walls with anticorrosive coating

Car park facilities are prone to corrosion. Combined with moisture and carbon dioxide, car fumes create a perfect cocktail of carbonic acid that can cause corrosion. 

You can reduce the damage caused by corrsion by applying polyurethane wall coating. You won’t have to do major repairs or even intensive cleaning. 

Seal joints with water-resistant zip blocks

Whether it’s an underground car park, a multi-story car park, or a deck car park, heavy traffic requires structural expansion joints, which are made of metal. However, these joints can get damaged by debris or water. These joints can be protected by waterproof zip block seals to create a durable joint system. 

Get a professional car park cleaning service 

It’s no secret that car parks are messy. That’s why we recommend hiring professional cleaners to keep your car park neat and clean. Broad Services offers reliable, professional, and affordable car park cleaning services.