The new landscape looks beautiful and adds a unique touch to your premises. But do you have a plan in place to maintain your landscape in its current glory? Without regular maintenance and upkeep, your landscape can begin to look unruly, which can have a direct impact on how your customers and visitors perceive your business. 

At Broad Services Australia, we provide the complete range of landscaping and commercial grounds maintenance services to keep your premises looking beautiful at all times. A wide range of industries benefit from our commercial grounds services including: 

Shopping Centres 

The entryway of a shopping center is as important as the interior. After all, the view of the entryway will have a lasting impression on the visitors. Our team will create a regular maintenance schedule for your landscape to ensure it is well manicured and pleasing at all times. 


We understand the importance of keeping schools clean and tidy. We realise that a school is where young minds develop. But unwarranted growth is not safe for your students. Our professional grounds maintenance team can make sure your lawns are mowed and the gardens look beautiful sans any weeds, providing an environment the students can take pride in. 

Small Businesses 

Whether you have a shop front that needs some pruning or you would like to create a pleasing atmosphere for shoppers entering your store, we can help. Our professional team can create and maintain clean, beautiful green spaces to welcome your customers. 

By hiring our grounds maintenance team to care for your commercial landscape, you can rest easy, focusing your time and efforts on your business. Let us do the worrying about how your outdoor area looks. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help maintain your outdoor space or to request a free quote.